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Airplane Skydiving

 Tandem Skydiving.........3, 2, 1 jump!   3 activities in 1. It all starts with an amazing 15 minute scenic flight. As the aircraft climbs to altitude you will experience a beautiful scenic flight with views of Interlaken's two lakes and the incredible Swiss Alps, including the infamous peaks, Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. The flight is followed by the thrill of a 45 second freefall with one of our experienced instructors. You will experience an adrenalin rush like never before as you freefall at 200 KPH (120MPH). Once the parachute is deployed you will enjoy an amazing 5-7 minute canopy ride, giving you time to take in all the excitement before landing softly back on the ground. Be sure to get the video & photos to capture long lasting memories of your skydiving adventure in the Swiss Alps!   Weight restrictions: Min. weight 40 kg / Max. weight of 105 kg (NOTE! All weight limits are including the clothes and shoes you will be most likely wearing on the day of your skydive.) Age restrictions: min. age of 18 years OR 16 years with signed parental consent Freefall: approx. 45 seconds Season: Daily (except some National Holidays) Meeting point: Reichenbach Airport in Kandertal or at your hotel/hostel/train station in Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen or Wilderswil. Lauterbrunnen pick up available 30 minutes before trip time for the first trip time of each day. Wilderswil pick up available 10 minutes before the trip time for the first trip of each day. Interlaken pick up is always available. Duration: approx. 3.5 hours round trip from Interlaken What to wear: Shoes that can't fall off and weather appropriate clothing Standard Jump: 4000m (13,000ft) Upgrade to High Jump 4600m (15,000ft): For additional CHF 35.00, upgrade on the day to the higher jump for approx. 15 seconds longer freefall. We can only confirm the higher jump at the trip time because it is dependent on weather and air traffic. Video and photo options: Sign up on the day Handcam video/photos: Tandem master wears a camera on their wrist to capture your skydive CHF 120.00 - photos or video CHF 150.00 - photos and video *Outside Camera Flyer: 2nd person follows you out of the aircraft to capture your skydive CHF 180.00 - photos or video CHF 210.00 - photos and video * NOTE: outside camera flyer is subject to availability and can only be arranged on the day of your jump upon arrival at the dropzone.                                                                                                      Find us on    Click here for directions!

滑翔—触碰广阔的 "Big Blue" Winter 蓝天

  贝阿滕贝格-因特拉肯    海拔1350米 基本项目费用 170瑞郎 在领取到所有的保暖用物品(手套,滑雪裤,雪地靴)后,我们的司机将用因特拉肯滑翔公司的专车把您和您的滑翔指导送至山上. 我们的司机将用因特拉肯滑翔公司的专用车把您和您的滑翔指导送至山上。在二十分钟左右的行车时间里,您会接受关于安全滑翔和起飞及降落过程的必要信息。您在下车后,步行3分钟即可到达起飞地点,同时您也可以享受因特拉肯地区和少女峰山脉的雄伟景色。 记录滑翔的美好瞬间! 图片&视频拍摄服务:您可以在ipad上观看您和指导员的滑翔经历,并在飞行结束后决定是否购买储存了该照片和视频的U盘。   基本服务: 从住处或车站免费接至滑翔准备区域 到贝阿滕贝格的免费接送 从贝阿滕贝格到因特拉肯的滑翔时间(10到20分钟左右) 专业滑翔教练的陪同和一切滑翔所需用品装备 其他信息: 因特拉肯是滑翔胜地,极少有游客取消其滑翔游览项目 适宜人群:6岁以下儿童需征得父母同意,成人无最高年龄限制 体重要求:100公斤/220磅以下 项目可行性:因特拉肯是瑞士乃至欧洲顶级的滑翔旅游胜地。很少有顾客取消对本项目的预订。 人数要求:十人以上旅行团需提前预定: 项目时长:75分钟 海拔高度差:从贝阿滕贝格到因特拉肯经历800米的相对高度(从海平面算1350米的绝对高度) 可预订日期:11月1日 - 3月31日  

Glacier Canyon Grindelwald

An impressive masterpiece of nature, the Glacier Canyon was formed by the lower Grindelwald glacier, which over time carved its way through the rock in this area. Sadly the lower glacier no longer exists, but the canyon itself is now thriving as a popular destination for a unique sensory walk through its exposed rock galleries and tunnels. The rushing water cascades freely from the mountains into the Lütschine River below, sometimes causing a sudden rush of wind through the canyon and a rapid temperature flux as rays of light reflect along the steep walls.   The newly built attraction is divided into six themes: Coincidence, Formation, Geology, Water, Glacier and Myth. An interesting experience for all ages of visitor, the Glacier Canyon is an ideal, easy-access tourist destination. Its accessibility in all weather conditions also makes it a convenient stop for short tour programs. One of the highlights of this attraction is the 170 m2 SPIDERWEB which spans the canyon, providing visitors with a thrilling net platform to scramble, walk or crawl on, seven metres above the roaring Lütschine River. Opening Times: May - October Daily 09.30am - 6pm   Friday Night Special 09.30am - 10pm Groups We open "Early Morning" or "Late Night" on request for groups of more than 10 people. Please contact us for an offer!   Entrance Fees: Adults CHF 19.- Children under 16 CHF 10.- Children under 6 Free Groups from 10 people CHF 17.- School Groups from 10 people CHF 9.-   Directions: The Glacier Canyon is a 35 min-walk away from the Center of Grindelwald. You can also catch the bus at the train station in Grindelwald (line 2).  By car, drive through Grindelwald town center and follow the street to the church. After the church, turn right and follow the signs "Gletscherschlucht" for 1 Kilometer. Address: Gletscherschlucht 1, 3818 Grindelwald  

高空绳索课程 Interlaken

描述 因特拉肯的塞尔扣克公园是一个位于森林里的冒险天地,由各种木桥、荡索和飞索组成。无 论你是初学者还是追求刺激者,我们提供的9 种难度和高度各异的课程都可以让你度过兴奋的 一天,适合个人、朋友团体或整个家庭参加。超过120 种不同的,从地面到离地20 米的各种挑 战在等待着你。你会装备所有一切需要的设备,并会得到安全指导,确保你一天的旅程欢乐而 难忘。2.5-3 个小时的活动能够在任何天气状况下进行。 来挑战你的身体和精神吧。 安全 安全第一!我们绳索课程的职员都获得了SOA(瑞士户外运动协会)的专业资格。在你亲身 用绳索在森林里探险之前,我们将会向你提供全面的安全指引,在练习课上教会你如何正确使 用装备。  Watch the video 穿着指引 舒适的户外运动衣服及质量良好的鞋子(不得穿拖鞋) 儿童 最低身高:Butterfly 1 米/ Gemschi and Eidechsli 1.20 米 所有其他课程为1.40 米(总共8 门课程) 12 岁以下的儿童需在成年人的监管下进行 18 岁以下的儿童需出示有父母签名的同意声明。 开放时间 每天开放,无论任何天气除非暴雨、强风和雷暴天气 拨打+41 (0)33 826 77 19 获取最新资讯 旺季(六月至八月) High Season (June) Everyday 10:00 - 18:00 High Season (July & August) Everyday 10:00 - 20:00 Low Season (April/May/September/October) Weekdays 13:00 - 18:00   Weekends 10:00 - 18:00 Winter (November-March) on request     价格 包括所有装备、安全指引和无限制停留 *欧元的价格按照每天的即时汇率进行计算 Adults CHF 39.- Children under 16 CHF 29.- Groups from 15 participants CHF 36.- School Groups under 16 CHF 24.-   交通 Bödeli Taxi公司在茵特拉肯、Matten和Unterseen的任何地方均提供去往茵特拉肯Seilpark乐园的特别优惠。 1-4人 12.00瑞士法郎 5-8人 3.00瑞士法郎/人 电话 0041 (0)33 822 00 88 免费电话 0800 22 00 88 因特拉肯高空绳索课程所在地距离因特拉肯西火车站有15 分钟步行距离。 驾车( 从伯尔尼出发) 离开因特拉肯西。沿路驾驶至第一个环形交通枢纽, 在 Heimwehfluhbahn 向右转,跟着标志至塞尔扣克公园。 Templates for Schools/Groups/Children under 18 years: Declaration of Concent download

1 Day Family Fun

An all day package especially for families or groups of friends.  This package allows you to experience a great day of fun on the snow, with a 2.5 hr ski lesson and an afternoon of sledding, tubing, magic carpet rides and playing in the snow on the sunny slopes of the Bodmi Arena in Grindelwald.   After meeting at your hotel we help you organise all the equipment and transfer to Grindelwald where you begin your morning ski lesson.  At midday, head to the restaurant on the slopes for lunch before an afternoon of tube riding, sledding and enjoying the stunning mountain scenery. Our friendly staff will be on-hand to assist you every step of the way.  This package is the perfect way for the whole family to enjoy snowsports in the Swiss Alps.   Recommended for: Families and small groups What's Included: Hotel Pick up in Interlaken (not in Lauterbrunnen, Iseltwald, Beatenberg)   Transfer to Grindelwald (ski bus or private shuttle)   Ski, boot and helmet rental   Ski Pass Bodmi   2.5 hour Ski Lesson   Sled, balancer and snowtube rental   Unlimited use of the Bodmi Arena including magic carpets What to bring: Winter ski clothing (available to rent)   Water, suncream, money for lunch. Requirements: Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Minimum age 5 years old.   Minimum 4 participants in each group   Maximum 8 students per Instructor Participants are required to organise their rental equipment before the departure time at 8:45.  Please choose a fitting time either the evening before the lesson, or 8:00 on the day of the lesson.