Open Bubble Ball Tournament

From CHF 25

We frequently organise Bubble Ball tournaments that are open for everyone to join. Alone or with friends: book a spot and we’ll team you up!

The mighty inflatable bubble ball protects you from being hurt and allow you to bump into the other players without the need to hold back. We'll run a series of short matches that are almost as fun to watch as they are to play!

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From CHF 25

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Tournament Tree: 

// Pre-Game Huddle 

- Round 1 | 30 min

// Short break 

- Round 2 | 30 min

// Short break

- Round 3 | 30 min

// MVP ceremony


Each round consists of a series of shorter matches to help preserve the energy of the players. The final tournament tree will be presented on-field by the referee in consideration with the number of players. 

The referee will kick-off the game after the players are divided up in teams and the rules explained. The tournament is divided into three rounds that each contain short matches to preserve the energy of the players. The mighty bubble balls can be tiring to run with!


We'll announce the MVP at the end of the tournament and honour the winners. Players can make free use of the pool to the cool down after the game and the bar will be selling drinks and cocktails to quench the thirst. 


Don't forget to bring your A-Game!


  1. Balmers Tent Village - Gsteigstrasse 58