Pub Crawl Interlaken

The young local guides wanted to provide visitors with an insight into their weekly nightlife, so they founded the "Interlaken Pub Crawl": a tour through a few bars and a club. After the tour you will know our favourite bars. We share a special story with each of the bars - don't hesitate to ask us about it. Visit for more information. 

You'll be guided by entertaining and cool local guides. Local for us means, that we dare to say we know everything about this place - challenge us and find out the most interesting facts about the region. We stay at each pub for around half-an-hour, so you have plenty of time to profit from the special deals on drinks our guests have at most of the pubs.

Party with us, get a drink with friends and join us this Saturday!

Meeting Point:

9.30 pm Balmers Hostel


See you there!

  • Free shots
  • Local tips
  • Exclusive deals on drinks at most of the pubs
  • Crazy Mary's Pub 
  • Hangover
  • Hüsi Bierhaus
  • Balmers Club


  1. Balmers Hostel (Start)
  2. Brasserie 17
  3. Crazy Marry Pub
  4. Hüsi Bierhaus
  5. Hangover
  6. Balmers Hostel (End)