Canyon Swing - Outdoor Interlaken

Canyon Swing

Attached to an 85 metre rope with a harness at the chest and waist you will experience the intense cliff visuals as you jump and free fall 50 metres into the abyss, then swing at 120kph through the narrow glacial canyon. Scary but awesome! The canyon swing is a big adrenaline kick in Interlaken's big kids playground.

Recommended for: Anyone
What’s Included: Equipment and transportation.
What to bring:
Warm clothing depending on the weather.
Requirements: ​Weight:  max. 140 kg
 1-1.5 hrs including transport.
Photo Service: Video and photo service available.

Pick up in Interlaken 

  • 17:00
  • 18:00

Trip duration approx 1 hr

  • 50 meters free fall
  • 120 kph swing
  • Narrow canyon walls


  1. Interlaken
  2. Grindelwald Grund