Information regarding Covid-19

In a matter of weeks, Covid-19 turned our world upside down.  Our movement was restricted, families disconnected and borders closed.   However, we are slowly getting back to "normal" and there's no better time to discover all the world-class adventures in your back yard.



On the 29.04.2020 the Swiss Government announced an easement of restrictions in Sports under COVID-19-Ordinance 2 (Art. 6, Abs. 4).  The Federal Department for Sport (BASPO) requires each association to supply a hygiene concept in accordance with the new regulations.  The Hygiene Concepts are evaluated by the BASPO and when approved, published on the Swiss Olympic website.


On 01.05.2020 the BASPO approved the Hygiene Concept prepared by the Swiss Outdoor Association.  As a member of SOA, Outdoor Interlaken AG has implemented Hygiene Rules according to this industry concept.

What trips are currently running?


The following activities are currently available.  Please check our website for availability and opening times:

  • Canyoning
  • Adventure Park Interlaken
  • Canyon Swing
  • Kayak tours
  • Glacier Canyon Grindelwald
  • Rafting
  • Via Ferrata Mürren
  • Skydiving
  • Paragliding
  • Hanggliding


What rules currently apply?

As of 08.06.2020, the maximum group size under the regulations of Phase 3 is lifted to 300 people.  2m social distance is recommended by the BAG and when not possible, contact details must be collected.  This is standard procedure on our activities.


Are Private Groups available?

In many cases private groups are available.  Please check our pricing options or contact us for details.


What rules can I expect during the trip?

Because our activities take place outdoors in the fresh air, social distancing is relatively easy to implement.  You won't notice many changes to the experience you have on your activity.  Participants will be required to have more space around them and your guide's and instructors will handle you and your equipment differently, but the new rules won't harm your experience.


The main differences will be felt before and after the trip.  This includes the following:

  • All guests are recommended to arrive by private car or bike and avoid public transport if possible.
  • All guests required to pay in advance whenever possible.
  • Anyone who belongs to a health risk group is recommended not to participate (official recommendations of the BAG apply).
  • New rules will be in place around changing rooms and showers.
  • The number of guests inside our properties is restricted.
  • The number of guests inside our vehicles is restricted.
  • Buffet style lunch will be replaced with packaged snacks.
  • Equipment and material will be cleaned according to the Hygiene Concept.
  • There will be disinfectant stations available.


What if we are a family?

Families and members of the same household do not have to follow the recommended social distancing rules.



If we are a group, will we have to split up?

No.  Our group sizes are not affected by any restrictions.


Can we pay on arrival?


With the current regulations in place we require people to pay in advance by credit card or invoice.


Are there showers available?

Showers are still available on all trips which previously included showers.


Are there changing rooms available?

Yes, with a maximum of 4 people per changing room.


What personal hygiene rules are in place?

You will be asked to use hand disinfectant and follow the instructions and signs around our properties and vehicles.