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About Us

Outdoor Interlaken is an international team of outdoor recreation and adventure sports enthusiasts.  All tour guides from Outdoor Interlaken are proven experts in their field. Outdoor Interlaken AG places a strong emphasis on only recruiting experienced guides. Each guideis required to be certified by SOA and complete the SOA training courses and examination. In certain cases, foreign certifications are recognized as equivalent.  Each guide is required to attend a CPR course each season, and internal guide refresher courses are made at the beginning of each summer. The majority of our international team have been working for several seasons in Interlaken and have a detailed understanding of the area and the special features.



Safety is our highest priority. All adventure activities contain a certain degree of risk. We minimize this risk through systematic control of the three main influencing factors: competence of the guides, monitoring of the environment and standard of equipment. Outdoor Interlaken is certified by the Swiss standard «Safety in Adventures» and our Risk Management concept is audited annually by the SQS.


Mission statement Outdoor Interlaken AG    

Minimise the risk is our first priority
We carry responsibility for our guests and employees. Our Safety and Quality concepts are continually developed and quickly updated as we gather new knowledge.

Happiness, enjoyment and fun in our profession
We work in our company because we love our profession. We respect and trust each other. We recognize and value each persons work. We treat other cultures, ideas and visions with respect and acceptance.

We welcome every guest with open hearts
One Step Away

We give each guest the opportunity to take one step away from their usual path, challenge themselves, and expand their horizons. Through our knowledge and enthusiasm for our work and nature, we show them the unique and beautiful Alps where they can experience the fascination of mountains, water and snow. We are happy for each person who can experience this fascination regardless of where and with whom they experience it.

Sound financial management
We ensure the economic stability of the company and its employees by controlling our expenses and working cost effectively. We appreciate the work and products of our service providers and pay for them with respect.

We bring guests to Interlaken
We promote from the soul with international, national and regional marketing to attract guests to Interlaken. We utilize the potential of partner firms, employees and the region to make Interlaken a major destination for Nature and Adventure Sports enthusiasts.

We maintain our good Image
Our exemplary and unified presence reflects our uniqueness. Through continual training and constant improvement of our company structure we achieve a position of the highest quality in our industry.

We appreciate and take care of our infrastructure
We ensure that our base, office, equipment and transportation facilities provide a comfortable atmosphere and safe environment for our customers and employees

Nature Conservation
We operate in an environmentally friendly manner to preserve and protect our natural resources for future generations. It is our goal that each guest who joins us leaves with a greater respect and appreciation for the value of nature.

We are certified in "Safety in Adventures", Reg N° 21552-01