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Outdoor Interlaken AG is the leading expert in water sports and adventure activities in Switzerland. We also own and operate the largest high ropes course in the Bernese Oberland. Our international team of highly qualified professionals specialise in canyoning and rafting, and together with our strong partner network, we offer a full selection of adventure sports in the region.

We give each guest the opportunity to take one step away from their usual path, challenge themselves, and expand their horizons. Through our knowledge and enthusiasm for our work and nature, we will show you the unique and beautiful Alps where you can experience the best activities in the world.

  Certified by "Safety in Adventures" Reg N° 21552-01

Adventure Pass

With so many great activities in Interlaken, finding the right combination is an important decision. The Adventure Pass gives you the flexibility to choose your perfect mix and get a great discount at the same time. Each Adventure Pass is valid for the 1st activity plus your choice of one of the second activities.  Once you’ve purchased your Adventure Pass, contact us anytime to redeem your pass and reserve your trips.* Adventure Passes Seilpark Interlaken Adventure Pass          Adults CHF 141.00 (save CHF 17.-)  Kids under 16 CHF 131.00 (save CHF 17.-)       1st Activity: Seilpark Interlaken  2nd Activity choice of: (Ropes Park) Canyoning Interlaken   Rafting Lütschine   Rafting Simme   Rafting Aare   Vertical Rush Adventure Pass                  CHF 185.00 (save CHF 13.-)       1st Activity: Vertical Rush  2nd Activity choice of: (including free Seilpark) Canyoning Interlaken   Rafting Lütschine   Rafting Simme   Rafting Aare   Canyoning Grimsel Adventure Pass         CHF 248.00 (save CHF 30.-)       1st Activity: Canyoning Grimsel 2nd Activity choice of:   Canyoning Interlaken   Rafting Lütschine   Rafting Simme   Rafting Aare   Canyoning Chli Schliere Adventure Pass CHF 278.00 (save CHF 30.-)       1st Activity: Canyoning Chli Schliere 2nd Activity choice of:   Canyoning Interlaken   Rafting Lütschine   Rafting Simme   Rafting Aare For the Combo Adventure Pass, choose one activity as your first and combine it with a different activity as your second. The Combo Adventure Pass                     CHF 213.00 (save CHF 25.-)       1st Activity choice of:  2nd Activity choice of: Canyoning Interlaken Canyoning Interlaken Rafting Lütschine Rafting Lütschine Rafting Simme Rafting Simme Rafting Aare Rafting Aare   Popular Packages Family Fun        Adults CHF 101.00 (save CHF 15.-) / Kids CHF 66.00 (save 10.-)                                       1st Activity: Seilpark Interlaken (Ropes Park) 2nd Activity: Monster Scooter Double Drop   Adults CHF 213.00 (save CHF 25.-)       1st Activity: Vertical Rush (including free Ropes Park) 2nd Activity: Canyoning Grimsel   *Participation is not guaranteed until you reserve a specific date and time.  Availability on your preferred trip date and time cannot always be guaranteed.  We recommend contacting us shortly after your purchase to secure your seats and reserve your trips.

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Airplane Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving.........3, 2, 1 jump! 3 activities in 1. It all starts with an amazing 15-20 minute scenic flight. As the aircraft climbs to altitude you will experience a beautiful scenic flight with views of Interlaken's two lakes and the incredible Swiss Alps, including the infamous peaks, Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. The flight is followed by the thrill of a 45 second freefall with one of our experienced instructors. You will experience an adrenalin rush like never before as you freefall at 200 KPH (120MPH). Once the parachute is deployed you will enjoy an amazing 4-5 minute canopy ride, giving you time to take in all the excitement before landing softly back on the ground. Be sure to get the video & photos to capture long lasting memories of your skydiving adventure in the Swiss Alps! Requirements: Max. weight of 105 kg, min. age of 18 years or 16 years with parental consent Freefall: approx. 45 seconds Season: Daily (except some National Holidays) Meeting point: Reichenbach Airport in Kandertal or at your hotel/hostel in Interlaken Duration: approx. 3.5 hours round trip from Interlaken Bring along: Shoes and windbreaker/sweater (dress for the weather) Price 4000m (13,000ft): CHF 395.00  Price 4600m (15,000ft): CHF 430.00 - Upgrade on the day to the higher jump for approx. 15 seconds longer freefall.  The pilot can only confirm the higher jump at the trip time because it is dependent on weather and air traffic. Video and photo options (Sign Up On The Day):  Handcam video/photos: Tandem master wears a camera on their wrist to capture your skydive CHF 120.00 - photos or video CHF 150.00 - photos and video *Outside Cameraman: 2nd person follows you out of the aircraft to capture your skydive CHF 180.00 - photos or video CHF 210.00 - photos and video * Please note outside cameraman is subject to availability                                                                                                      Find us on    Click here for directions

Ropes Park Interlaken

    The Ropes Park Interlaken is a forest adventure of wooden bridges, tarzan swings and zip lines. 9 courses of varying difficulty and height provide an exciting day out for beginners and adrenaline seekers, whether individuals, a group of friends or the whole family. More than 120 different challenges from ground level up to 20 meters in height await you. You will be equipped with everything you need and given safety instructions for a fun-filled day with unforgettable memories. Allow 2.5 to 3 hours for this all-weather activity. Challenge your body and mind. نص آخر: قم بتحميل نشرتنا باللغة العربية من هنا Safety Safety first!  We will first give you thorough safety instructions and teach you how to use the equipment accurately on our training course before you explore the forest at your own responsibility.  Our ropes course staff are certified by SOA (Swiss Outdoor Association). We use the latest safety equipment by CliC-iT®, the only Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) ensuring complete safety on all courses.   Watch the video Clothing Wear comfortable outdoor clothes and good shoes (no flip-flops). Courses Course Minimum Height Butterfly 1.00 m (3ft 3in) Mountain Goat 1.20 m (4ft) Lizard 1.20 m (4ft) Bat 1.20 m (4ft) Grasshopper 1.40 m (4ft 6in) Fox 1.40 m (4ft 6in) Squirrel 1.40 m (4ft 6in) Woodpecker 1.40 m (4ft 6in) Eagle 1.40 m (4ft 6in) Children under 12 years only with adults supervision. Children under 18 years must bring a declaration of consent signed by parent. Opening hours Every day, any weather, apart from severe rain, wind and thunderstorms. Call +41 (0)33 826 77 19 for up-to-date information. High Season (June) Everyday 10:00 - 18:00* High Season (Juli & August) Everyday 10:00 - 20:00** Low Season (April/May/September/October) Weekdays 13:00 - 18:00*   Weekends 10:00 - 18:00* *Last entry   16:00 **Last entry   18:00 Winter (November-March) on request 10:00   Prices Including equipment, safety instruction and unlimited stay. Euro prices depend on the daily exchange rates. Adults CHF 39.- Children under 16 CHF 29.- Groups from 15 participants CHF 36.- School Groups under 16 CHF 24.-   Transport Special prices offered by Bödeli Taxi from anywhere in Interlaken, Matten or Unterseen to Seilpark Interlaken. 1-4 people CHF 12.00 5-8 people CHF 3.00 / person Phone 0041 (0)33 822 00 88 Free Phone 0800 22 00 88 Directions:  Wagnerenstrasse, Interlaken. N 46.674095, E 7.854688 The ropes course Interlaken is located within 15 min walking distance from the Interlaken West train station. By car (from Bern) exit Interlaken West. Drive straight through the first roundabout, turn right at the Heimwehfluhbahn and follow the signs to the Seilpark. Templates for Schools/Groups/Children under 18 years: Declaration of Concent download