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Canyoning in Switzerland

Explore hidden gorges, rappel, jump and slide down waterfalls, and discover the thrill of canyoning for yourself. From easy family-orientated trips to advanced high-intensity adventures, Outdoor Interlaken offers canyoning on all levels suitable for everyone‘s appetite. 

Canyoning Interlaken

Our local Interlaken canyon covers every aspect of the sport and makes a great introduction to canyoning. Travel through tall, narrow gorges and get up close and personal with nature. Short ...
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Canyoning Ticino Expedition

This canyoning expedition is an intense two day trip visiting some of Switzerland’s most beautiful and demanding canyons. The exact canyons visited depend on weather, but at least one of the days is spent in Switzerland’s canyoning Shangri-La the Ticino region. Day 1. Chli Schliere. Considered one of the best canyons in the region, Chli Schliere is the perfect place to master the basics of canyoning. Under professional supervision you will learn the skills to move safely in a canyon, including proper jumping and sliding positions, and basic rappelling technique. Day 2. Ticino During the second day we use the skill learned in Day 1 to tackle one of Ticino’s famous white walled, emerald water canyons. The canyon explored on the second day will depend on current weather and water conditions. Options include Lodrino, Pontirone, and Iragna. This trip visits some of the most spectacular canyons in Switzerland. The canyons visited are technical and physically demanding with high jumps & slides. Previous canyoning experience is not required, however participants should be in good physical condition, accustomed to athletic challenges, and have no fear of heights or water. Digital video service available – a professional videoguide will travel the canyon with you taking great footage of all the beauty and uniqueness of your experience- order your personalized and edited video in advance! Trip includes: Pick up in the Interlaken area. Professional canyoning guide, neoprene suit, neoprene jacket, shoes, helmet, harness, plus all equipment necessary for a fun and safe trip. Round trip transport from Interlaken to the canyons. Not Included : Accommodation in Ticino (Biasca – Bellinzona area.) Food or Drink Extra info: Minimum age is 16 You will need to bring a swimsuit, towel, and dry clothes for changing after the trip. You are responsible for organizing your own accommodation. You are responsible for paying for your own meals. Trip times: Every Week Tue – Wed starting Mid July.  

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Adventure Pass

With so many great activities in Interlaken, finding the right combination is an important decision. The Adventure Pass gives you the flexibility to choose your perfect mix and get a great discount at the same time. Each Adventure Pass is valid for the 1st activity plus your choice of one of the second activities.  Once you’ve purchased your Adventure Pass, contact us anytime to redeem your pass and reserve your trips.* Adventure Passes Seilpark Interlaken Adventure Pass          Adults CHF 141.00 (save CHF 17.-)  Kids under 16 CHF 131.00 (save CHF 17.-)       1st Activity: Seilpark Interlaken  2nd Activity choice of: (Ropes Park) Canyoning Interlaken   Rafting Lütschine   Rafting Simme   Rafting Aare   Vertical Rush Adventure Pass                  CHF 185.00 (save CHF 13.-)       1st Activity: Vertical Rush  2nd Activity choice of: (including free Seilpark) Canyoning Interlaken   Rafting Lütschine   Rafting Simme   Rafting Aare   Canyoning Grimsel Adventure Pass         CHF 248.00 (save CHF 30.-)       1st Activity: Canyoning Grimsel 2nd Activity choice of:   Canyoning Interlaken   Rafting Lütschine   Rafting Simme   Rafting Aare   Canyoning Chli Schliere Adventure Pass CHF 278.00 (save CHF 30.-)       1st Activity: Canyoning Chli Schliere 2nd Activity choice of:   Canyoning Interlaken   Rafting Lütschine   Rafting Simme   Rafting Aare For the Combo Adventure Pass, choose one activity as your first and combine it with a different activity as your second. The Combo Adventure Pass                     CHF 213.00 (save CHF 25.-)       1st Activity choice of:  2nd Activity choice of: Canyoning Interlaken Canyoning Interlaken Rafting Lütschine Rafting Lütschine Rafting Simme Rafting Simme Rafting Aare Rafting Aare   Popular Packages Family Fun        Adults CHF 101.00 (save CHF 15.-) / Kids CHF 66.00 (save 10.-)                                       1st Activity: Seilpark Interlaken (Ropes Park) 2nd Activity: Monster Scooter Double Drop   Adults CHF 213.00 (save CHF 25.-)       1st Activity: Vertical Rush (including free Ropes Park) 2nd Activity: Canyoning Grimsel   *Participation is not guaranteed until you reserve a specific date and time.  Availability on your preferred trip date and time cannot always be guaranteed.  We recommend contacting us shortly after your purchase to secure your seats and reserve your trips.

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