Adventure Pass: 1/2 Day Beginner Ski Package + Night Sledding

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A partir de CHF 183

An Adventure Pass is the best way to pick your favourite activities and combine them at a great discounted price.  This Adventure Pass includes the following:

Activity 1

Afternoon Beginner Ski Package

Activity 2

Night Sledding

Price CHF 183
You save CHF 20


To book this Adventure Pass

1: Simply click "Book Now" and add the number of passengers you want to book.

2: Next select your preferred trip date and departure time for each activity.  If you want to book both activities on the same day, make sure your selections don't conflict and that you have enough time between them!

3: After selecting your preferred departures, add you passenger details and proceed to the checkout.

4:  After payment is confirmed, you will receive your tickets for both activities by email.

A partir de CHF 203

A partir de CHF 183

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Forfait Ski Débutant - ½journée

Night Sledding


  1. Interlaken