Swiss Food and Culture Tour - Outdoor Interlaken

Swiss Food and Culture Tour

A partir de CHF 45

We're taking a short break and will be back again 01.05.17

Explore traditional aspects of Swiss culture in authentic, local settings. Visit a farm, feed the cows and taste milk and cheese fresh from production. Watch over the shoulder of a traditional woodcarver and learn about this old Swiss handicraft. Sample the best chocolate in the world and learn about its history and production at the Funky Chocolate Club, and of course we taste the delicious varieties of Swiss cheese at our local specialist’s shop.

  • When? October to March = daily on request. May to September = Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  The tour starts from October to March at 1.45 pm and from May to September at 4.45 pm (Reservations required)
  • Where? Outdoor Interlaken Höheweg Shop (Höheweg 95, 3800 Interlaken)
  • Duration? Around 2.5 hours.
  • Costs? The tours costs 45 CHF for adults and 19 CHF for children up to 16 years of age.
  • Additional information: Bring your guestcard with you. 

We're looking forward to showing you a REAL taste of Swiss Food and Culture

A partir de CHF 45

Réservez !
  • Meeting Point: 4.45 pm at post office right across MC Donald's
  • Local cheese store - cheese tasting
  • Funky Chocolate Club - chocolate tasting
  • Woodcarvers shop - live woodcarving
  • Take bus to local farmer
  • End of tour - around 7.15 pm
  • Local farmer (see cows, taste fresh milk)
  • Woodcarver ( famous Swiss handicraft)
  • Funky Chocolate Club (Chocolate tasting)
  • 'Chäs Fritz' (local cheese store - cheese tasting)


  1. Interlaken
  2. Local cheese store
  3. Funky Chocolate Club
  4. Woodcarver
  5. Local Farmer