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Evening Kayak Tour Interlaken

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Our evening tours run regularly each week and on weekends through the Summer on Lake Brienz. Experience the grandeur of the surrounding mountains, the calmness of the turquoise blue lakes, stunning sunsets and the beautiful cliffs and castles as the day comes to an end. Combined with our small group and personal approach, this will leave you with lasting memories of this special place.

A partir de CHF 100

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We start at Bönigen, travelling across the River Lütschine and towards the north shore, where we visit the beautiful cliffs, the old 12th century Ringgenberg castle and hidden beaches along the way. After developing your technique we set off to make a crossing of the 260m deep lake on our way back to Bönigen, where we end with the opportunity to practice some rescue techniques, develop some skills or plays some games.

The turquioise blue colour and calmness of Lake Brienz

Beautiful sunsets

The Cliffs of Ringgenberg

The Ringgenberg Castle