Private Bubble Ball Tournament

~ CHF 150

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Searching for an outdoor team activity in Interlaken? Let's play bubble ball!

The mighty inflatable bubble ball protects you from being hurt and allow you to bump into the other players without the need to hold back. We'll run a series of short matches that are almost as fun to watch as they are to play! Contact us if you wish to book this activity in combination with burgers and beers at the Balmers Biergarten!

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~ CHF 150

+2 추가 옵션

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It's up to you to decide how you wish to make use of your time on the field. We recommend to divide the group up in teams and hold a series of short matches. Schedule plenty of downtime in between the matches for players to recover as running around in Bubble Balls requires a lot of additional strenghts! 


We will inflate the bubble balls, pump the soccer ball and prepare the field for you. It's up to you to decide how you want to play the game. Our advice is to do a series of short matches to preserve the energy of the players as the mighty bubble balls can be tiring to run with!


Don't feel like playing a referee on the field? We got you covered! Further down the booking process, you can add a referee to the booking. He or she will announce the rules of the game, divides the players up into teams and makes sure everyone is playing fair. 


Players can make free use of the pool to the cool down after the game and the bar will be selling drinks and cocktails to quench the thirst. There is also plenty of space at the Balmers Tent Village for players to change clothes and take showers. 


Don't forget to bring your A-Game!


  1. Gsteigstrasse 58, Interlaken